HasTavuk bears the responsibility of being a pioneer and leading brand in the poultry sector with our products ranging from layer parent stock and broiler parent stock to pullets and from feed to chicken meat production in our integrated facilities. HasTavuk is committed to the following;

  1. To work and produce without compromising quality,
  2. To contribute to the sector and our country by working effectively and efficiently and to progress towards becoming a world brand,
  3. To follow innovations,
  4. To take pride in our work together with our employees,
  5. To win the appreciation of the public with its social responsibility projects.
  6. HasTavuk, undertakes to perceive the requests of our domestic and foreign customers, who are the focus of our work, to respond to expectations quickly and effectively, to develop the awareness of our company's system requirements within the scope of mutually beneficial relationships with all our business partners, suppliers, and customers, and to carry out its quality and food safety activities based on scientific data, preventive approach, open communication, teamwork and audits.